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  • Wow nice bass Eric. It's a good thing Frank was paying attension when I showed him how to fish
  • Very good! If only you didn't have to put photos of that skinny guy with the fancy hair it would be perfect!
  • Hey Eric! glad you're on the Website! Nice Fish! Craig
  • Eriiiiiiiiic!! What the heck took you so long to get here!?!? Where is your Father?? Glad to see ya made it, look around and post some more picts. See ya soon little buddy!!
  • Glad to see you officially on the site! Now the secret's out about the big fish on Lake ^*&^%$1! Oh well. Hope to see you at the open house - I'll call you soon about this weekend!
  • Nice fish dude !!!!! See ya at the next big event.

    PS - I know you caught that on you Uncle Franks lake....
  • 'bout time you got on here
  • Hi Eric! Nice to see you on the site! I look forward to seeing you again at some of the upcoming events. You should try to make the open house. There's sure to be some good eating there.
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