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  • Hey, Chuck. I am definately interested in joining a committee. I attended a meeting last month and I was very impressed with the group. I have been going through sone personal struggles lately and unable to commit to anything at the present time but I look forward to getting more involved as soon as I can. Please, keep me in your prayers and I will do likewise. Thanks, and God bless.
  • Thanks for the welcome Chuck, I just might take you up on that offer, it has been a while since i did some good fishing..


  • thanks chuck,i'll not let that effect me lol
  • Chuck, I have not been fishing in awhile,  work has been keeping me busy.  The last couple Bible Studies I had to miss due to snow plowing.  If Mother Nature cooperates I will at the next Bible Study.  Hope all is well!  
  • Thanks for the welcome message!  Yeah, I know Wayne been there often and my daughter and his step Gabby went through school together. 
  • Hi Chuck, which stand did you sit in and did you see anything? I'm in the process of building another huge hang-on stand for opening weekend at Craig's this October to hang in my favorite area. Enjoyed seeing you guys at the wild game dinner, although I did miss my buddy Petty. Bob
  • ur picture is amazing, well done sir! you show that injury off with pride my friend...looking forward to meeting ya
  • Hi Chuck.  Unfortunately I did not make it to the wild game dinner.  What delicious wild game treats did I miss out on?  Ken
  • I did not as work got in the way.
  • Yes. I am planning on coming on Sunday. I look forward to it.
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