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  • Hi Calvin, welcome to the site!  I also go to Birmingham Campus, and am just getting started with my gun collection...hope to see you at an event or meeting.  Also, I would highly recommend either the monday or tuesday night studies if you have time, they are a small group setting that really fosters communication and interaction.  If you are going shooting anytime soon, pop an event on the calendar so we can join you!   See you around.
  • Ask Chris Sarsfield, he has some of the shirts from our last outing, Gospels, Gobblers, and Guns still for sale. As for the FAST shirts, we are out right now..



    Well here it is, the legendary Field and Stream Team Website!!

    Feel free to post some photos of your outdoor adventures, look around at other peoples stuff, and be sure to check out the "events" tab for upcoming outings. (You could post one, if you are going someplace and want some guys to come along, post it in the "Events" tab.) Great to see you on Sat. and Sun. and really looking forward to having you at some of our events! All right now!!


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