Ok lets have a "It was great but....." and ""I think ____ went well"

door prizes?
timing of everything?
bow and arrow game?
kcc maintenance?
set up/tear down?

what ever else?

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I asked a couple of people about feed back.

both said "you had your guy go on stage and talk, then you had another guy go on stage to introduce the speaker, and he talked,  then the speaker talked so you had someone talking for too long by the time the "speaker" was up there we were kind of over the talking"  their words not mine. Maybe we can look into splitting up the talking??

besides that they said it was a great event.

both didnt even see the bow and arrow game.

One guy liked the Man up commercial but never knew why we showed it.

Kevin gets an A+ for ticketing!!



It was a great event. Couple of notes, a person at my table didn't eat wild game, all they had was salad, we use to have chicken? We did lose the kids right after dinner.

The good and the very little bad-

Great night.  I think for the most part things went pretty well.  I talked to the guest at my table and they all said a great event.  Food was good.  A wild game dinner is just that wild game.  There was seafood( 2 dishes) and salad, apps, etc for non hunters.  I think raffles went good(at least I haven't heard any thing bad yet).  

The room was cool to cold in some areas.  Guests complained and were told nothing could be done and then all of a sudden something was done.?? Cold air was pumped in and then stopped.

 The talking is still too long( biggest complaint).  I really think we need to plan better and have videos of what and how we do things instead of talking about them.  I think a video would be clear precise and to the point.  I did like the speaker and his message, but I think it could have been just a little shorter.

Our timing wasn't bad but we did run 15-20 minutes past what we told caterer so the food sat there.  We ran out of bison for the last dozen people.  That needs to be served not help your self.  Letting guest take 2, 3,4 pieces at the beginning causes shortage at end.

 Not sure how to better the drawing of raffles, but everyone crowds around.  I think we need to move to buckets instead of boxes.  The boxes are to slow to open.  

All in all I think it was a great night.  The few minor negatives were just that minor.  We can always improve , but I think we did a awesome job.   

I agree it went great.  Other then what has been said I noticed again this year that the desert always seems to run out way to fast.  The last tables called for dinner are never done in time to have a chance for the desert table ( I would think this is a cheap and easy fix ).  Other then that, the archery setup was loved by many but not noticed by all.  Location is good just needs to be mentioned or have a sign placed.  Kids and Dads that saw it were shooting and competing with one another ( good clean fun ).  However, it was hard / impossible to be watching it the whole time.  Even when dinner and speakers where in full swing and nobody was using it I could leave and come back 5 minutes later to find someone on it.  We could unplug it I guess ?  Or use more people taking shifts.  It is out of the room and set off to the side so someone is always missing the event while monitoring.  Greg Glascoe was very helpful to be watching it and I loved doing it as well.  Went off without a hitch but if it was noticed by others and stayed busy all night it would have been dificult unless there were shifts.  

My kids want one now !

Another one of my guest would of liked to hear the guest speaker more and less of us?

Great job on the setting back up and taking care of Robin Petty's stuff!!

I thought the pre-dinner presentations went WAY BETTER than last year.  But improvements can be made to shorten it because the crowd wanted to eat closer to the official start of the event (their comments and not mine)

If we want to shorten the pre-dinner talk time, mabe we could have TV monitors in the lobby/foodline so that we can give out door prizes & give out announcements while the patrons are getting their grub?  And have some of the door prizes in the lobby so that if their number is called out - they don't have to walk far to get the prizes?

Overall - I think this was OUR BEST ever show!!  CONGRATS to ALL for your efforts.

Feedback I received...


1) One of the men's bathroom ran out of paper towels and got a little messy.

2) Very cool or cold in the front of the by the stage.

Food = good

Speaker = Good (less talk would be better, gets people to more raffles & food quicker) 

Raffles = Good (great selection)

Overall experience = Very Good

Ticketing = Great







Great job, everyone.  It was by far the nicest dinner yet!  I had 5 new people to KCC at my table and 2 who are Troy members who have attended in the past.  Here's a few takeaways and replies to previous comments:

- We had outdoorsmen at our table, no one complained about the cold near the front (LOL).

- We were one of the first tables for food.  The carver was cutting the bison so I don't know if he was re-positioned later (see complaints about self serve above), but the bison was cool-cold by the time we sat back at the table.  Were we late to the food?  

- Overall, the food was viewed as excellent.  I believe it was the best meal yet, bison aside.

- Keep in mind about fish on the menu if we end up on a Friday during Lent again.  I can't believe how many times I answered that question over the course of the week.

- Door prize process needs to be sped up prior to dinner.  If there's big ticket items then pull aside and do a top 5 at the end of the night.  Let's go back to the numbers on the screen.

- Hugh was a hit with everyone.  He was a "regular" guy who said here's my hunting stories and here's my Jesus stories. I'm going to tell you what I"m going to tell you, tell it, then summarize.  He could have gone a bit longer according to our table. Less FAST, More Guest.

* Man UP! video was funny but confusing. I had to explain Man UP! and give all the info that should have been in the video.  Not sure if this was true at other tables, but viewed as waste of time if it didn't transfer any knowledge about the event in 2015 (I see a theme about getting to the food sooner).

- It's Friday night, after a long day for most people.  Serve the food.

A friend's dad was a retired corporate event planner at our table.  Here are his comments to improve it, although he said it was the nicest church WGD he's ever seen and plans to come back AND check out services at Troy.

- A Master of Ceremonies is supposed to introduce the next segment or person, not read or speak through every presentation because the audience becomes lost and that information becomes white noise, especially before dinner. Use quick and different media types to convey messages.  Visual items grabs men's attention.  It also makes the pace feel faster when the message is transitioned from one type of media to another. 

- Break up the information into different media types, 3-4' video summary of group and past year, Powerpoint slides of next years goals and events, keep the slides of goals and events or church info on the screens during dinner (Maybe church locations and service times, see item below).

- Too many guys around the stage and talking to/from stage.  Plan the event, work the plan.  Let the MC do his job.

- No follow up after Hugh spoke about KCC.  What if I wanted to go to church Saturday night?  Where are the campus locations?  Maps, locations, or services on the program? 

This was the nicest dinner by far.  Compliments to Robin Petty and her team for the decor.  Great job, guys, on pulling together another incredible event.  I look forward to working on it more next year.  No more babies.

The speaker was great. I would of liked more. I thought the food was better than last year. The only y questions or complaints I heard was the Man up Video. " funny yes, aproviate, maybe not" overall I think we did a much better job. Also I'm not sure the guns were at the same value as last year. Again a little over on time but no big thing.

Just an after thought.  More Cow Bell would have been nice.....     LOL

 On a more serious note though.  This is all well taken constructive criticism and we need to remember that we just pulled off our best WGD yet !

Congratulations to all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with Matt. Great job guys!
GREAT JOB GUYS! The speaker was fantastic! The whole event was great.

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