I'm a new member and I didnt jump on the dinner ticket purchase quick enough. I'm just putting it out there if anyone knows of an extra ticket even at the last minute I am VERY interested. Thanks Roger

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call Chuck, he has connections!!

Hey Roger, did you get a chance to talk to Chuck about tickets for you and your wife? 

I got a ticket from Kevin Brennan . Thanks for the help and concern. Looking forward to seeing you there. Roger

Sounds like I should leave the wife at home and put her ticket on eBay.  ;-)

Thanks to Kevin,I was wondering if I might have to buy one from a scalper.

Roger, Glad to see Kevin found you a ticket. It's kind of like Charlie finding the golden ticket inside the chocolate bar only Charlie didn't win any guns at his special day.  See you there.

I have one or two seats open at my table.  Are you still interested in buying a ticket?


I have an extra ticket now available.  Let me know if someone needs it.

contact steve Thoms steventhoms@thomsbros.com  or kevin.brennan@grupoantolin-usa.com

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