Great night. I asked several people to talk to their tables and text or email me their comments. Getting good feed back and I'll compile to most common comments and share at our next meeting. One was "That football guy did a good job"

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What a terrific event.  A lot of hard work really showed.  Thank you for the chance to join you, I only wished I lived closer.  Very well done, and thank you for the warm reception. 


You guys did an excellent job. Everything was outstanding.  Proof that hard work pays off. I heard lots of good feedback too. The one compliment I heard the most often was on how good the Great Lakes chowder was (I agree).  I think we should put the receipe on the FAST website and let those who attended know. That will give them a good reason to visit our site.  Thanks guys and gals.

Well that was one great night!!  We should all be very happy.  Heard a lot of great things(few mishaps and few areas for improving), but a great night all together.

Great job guys!  My guests and I had a great time.  I look forward to being healthy and able to help out next year, Lord willing.

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