as most of you know, I am moving to Greensboro, NC as I was transferred for my job and is the place where I want to retire.  As I get settled in, hopefully I will have some of you come down for a hunt (Hog, bear, deer, birds, etc...).  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a member of FAST and if there is anything I can do from NC, just ask.  God bless.

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Thank you Perry, you were a blessing to FAST and we ask God to bless you in your new location.

Ditto what jim said. It was our pleasure to be with someone of such great open handedness(if thats a word?)
Maybe you can do what you were thinking up here down there... Golf outing???

Perry, I wish you the best of luck on your new adventure.  God Bless, it was a pleasure having you as a friend and a brother of the FAST.  You need to continue those rabbit hunts down south.  Great way to get kids hunting and I would love to make another one day :)

thanks everyone.  I still have my hunting properties out there and we will schedule a rabbit hunt, at least I hope so.  Once I get settled in and find hunting property down here, we will have to put together a hog hunt.


Congrats on the move and new adventure.  It was good to get to know you.  God bless you and I hope you find a great church and group to fellowship with.


Thanks for the generosity and good times in Michigan.  Hope to be able to visit you in NC.  Blessing to you in your new position.

Perry,  I'm sorry to see you go.  Thanks for living open handed with us and being a valuable member of FAST.  I hear there's good fly fishing in NC, too.  I have family in NC, too.  Beautiful place.  Take care and stay in touch!

I am looking forward to getting afield out there.  Already met a coworker who deer and turkey hunts.  Seems there are a ton of black bear here

Life brings us many changes.  I hope this one does well for you.  Friends along the way can and should remain so.  Please keep in touch and stay connected.  I would hope you think of us as family and try to get back to see us from time to time.  Thank you for all that you have given us-your friendship, your time and all the donations you made for the kingdom.

Thanks Jim.  I am blessed to be a part of FAST and blessed in my personal life as well.  Definitely will keep in touch, even if just through the website.  There has to be a hog hunt in our future. 

I have a pistol with a hog hunt written all over it!!

Sounds good

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