My son Daniel had the time of his life Thursday Muskie fishing!!!  At 12 he's knocking things off his bucket list!!  Thank you so much Chuck for the invitation and coordination!!!!  And for being such a great host to him!  So awesome that you let him haul both fish in!!!  (and proud of him for landing both!!!)  Thank you Jason, the captain, for donating your time and for the lures you gave Daniel!!  And thank you FAST for helping with the gas!!!!  I know there was another man who makes lures.  I don't know whether he's part of FAST but thanks to him too!  Daniel carefully put away all of his new lures when he got home.

Truly, truly a wonderful gift of an experience and memories he will have forever!!

He's ready to come and share his story with the group too!

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Awesome job Chuck, that's why you are a leader!!!!!!!!

Many-many-many more memories to come for you Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!

Great deal of Lock-n arms, loving poeple and living open handed in this posting! Well done to all that participated. 

We are all looking forward to having you and Daniel back to hear his description of the day on the water, so awesome! Thanks for sharing this will all of us. 

Hello Kirsten it was a pleasure having your son on board he is a great kid. Daniel had a smile from ear to ear the entire trip. Tony Jaros was on board with us he holds the record for Lake Saint Clair with a 48 pound muskie and my good friend Donato from donatos custom lures was there as well. Your son enjoyed Tonys storys and Donatos baits. It was a great trip and you have a great son.

Hi!  You are a part of FAST.  I wasn't sure.  Thank you - thank you!!  Daniel certainly enjoyed meeting all of you as well.  And he was still smiling ear to ear when he got home!  Tough getting him to go to bed!!!  

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