Hi all, based on the tables we can get from Kensington for the wild game dinner, we are a couple short.  Here are my needs.  Please respond on the discussion or send me a message stating how many tables you might have available.  If we can't muster up enough tables, then we will have to rent them.  Just bring them thursday night to Orion, I can pickup if necessary.

Need 4 - 6ft round tables

Need 12 - rectangular tables, 8 ft or 6 ft will be be fine.

I also need a small team of people at both the Troy or Orion campuses wednesday evening to help load/unload tables and chairs that need to be transported over.  We have access to 2 of Kensington's trailers, but i need two 3/4 ton or 1 ton trucks (and drivers) to pull the trailers. It will only take 1 trip with both trailers running.  I also need the same trucks/drivers (or different ones) on saturday morning to return the furniture to Troy. Let me know if you can help. 

Thanks in advance.  Kyle

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Kyle - I have (1)  6ft. rectangle table I'll bring Thursday.

Hey Kyle, 

I have three 8' rectangle tables that I told the caterer he could use. 

Also, I could help pull a trailer on Wednesday evening, however, I will not be able to pull one back on Saturday. We leave for Florida that morning. (Praise God!) 

Let me know if you still need me for Wednesday? 

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