Hello Friends!  My son and I really enjoyed the Mingle Jingle.  It is such a blessing for young men to see such Godly hunting men enjoying fellowship.  Thank you.  I have a question about my Remington 870 20 gauge pump shotgun.  While opening the magazine coil tube a black plastic joint and a metal coil fell out.  I have been on line to try to find out which way they go back in but can't find the info.  Does the coil go in first and then the black plug or the black plug first and then the coil?  Also, I have had another hunter try to unplug the magazine plug and they can't get it out either.  Any suggestions?

Also, I dropped my Parker Bushwacker crossbow and the quiver broke off the bow.  Do you know anyone who can repair this?

Thanks, Laurie and Sam!

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Can you post a picture?  I think I know what you are talking about, but not sure.  I would hate to tell you the wrong thing.

Crossbow repair- possibly JB Weld the broken part back on????  Again, hard to say without seeing it.


I posted the pictures.  My dad could not get the plug out and I can't either.  I tried to push it out through the neck and that is when the coil and plastic piece fell out.  See the cross bow too?  My husband, son and I are beginner hunters so we aren't certain how to fix firearms and bows.  I appreciate any recommendations, even where or who to take it to.  Thanks and Merry Christmas!

I Wish I could Be more help, but without seeing it in person I can't say. Sorry.

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