Hey guys,

My cousin and his family have been dealing some very tough stuff for the last few years. He lost his mother about 6 years ago, then they found out his wife had a form of blood cancer, and today I was told that his 30 year old daughter has been diagnosed with a rare form of throat cancer. On top of it all, they have had financial difficulties associated with the business they were running. They live out near Cadillac. They are the the nicest people you could ever hope to meet, and they don't deserve all the problems they have had. Please try to remember them in your prayers.

Thank you.


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Brad, prayers are headed their way !

Thanks for sharing this prayer request. This family will be added to our prayer list. 

Prayers sent to your family!  God Bless!

Prayers going out to them.

Prayers are on the way. 

Just thought I would update. She had surgery to remove the cancer. The recovery is going to be difficult on the family though, given what had to be done. And following the surgery there will be some radiation. One good thing, though, I am told the University of Michigan is going to pick up the tab for the surgery and treatment, which is six figures. God does bless and love in spite of bad situations like this. Thanks for all of the prayer support. This is a family of hunters. In fact if you were to ask my cousin, he would tell you that Karen (who had the cancer) is always the one to get the biggest horns. So I know they appreciate a group like FAST praying for them. Thanks again guys. I hope to come down and see you all soon. 

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