One of the many things that has impressed me about Kensington and FAST is the commitment to be there when needed.  Where there is fire and smoke Jon Bada is always there to provide for the event and assist in any way.  Yesterday under some trying weather conditions he and his team were there with a smile and warm food.  Thanks for allowing others to see how God works to warm hearts of those being served and the servers. Thanks for the friendship and fellowship.

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It was great meeting everyone at the event. Who ended up winning? When I left I the father/son team who I gave some "secret" flies and advice to had 2 fish to the net. Would be great it the kid won it.

I agree. Jon has been a significant helper in years past. I remember the first time I talked to Jon at KCC Troy many years ago. Like a fool I asked the Hawaiian guy if he knew how to cook venison. Jon KNOWS how to grill venison.  He can make 3 day old roadkill taste like gold. 

Thanks Jon. 

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