Thinking of possibly going out of state for whitetails this year depending on my guide schedule for salmon and if I buy a house or not this year. Hoping to go somewhere in September possibly. I am not looking to spend a ton of money so any of high priced big whitetail states are out of the question. I am thinking either Montana or Kentucky but I am open to some other ideas. I wouldn't mind Ohio but it sounds like the public land is kind of like Michigan state land and I definitely can't afford private leases down there. I need to go somewhere where I can buy a license over the counter because it probably will be a last minute decision if I go or not.  

Where has everyone hunted before out of state? Would you recommend it? Anyone been to Kentucky or Montana?

Thanks for any advice

Btw, for anyone fishing the Detroit, Walleye fishing has been pretty good lately. Whenever we can stay vertical we have been on fire. However, we are starting to see silver bass. Hoping they slow down a little bit so we can still get to the walleye for some time. Hope everyone is having a great spring

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Ohio and Iowa have been very good to me

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