Needed: Unused or unwanted rifles (.22's) and shotguns (20ga) for future youth door prizes at FAST Wild Game Dinners

Hi guys.  I wasn't on the forum much in 2013 because I spent most of my free time training for the Detroit Marathon, but I'm back now and in search of all the unwanted, worn, working or non-working rifles and shotguns that you are willing to donate.  While .22's and 20ga's are preferred, I'll take pretty much whatever you're willing to give. 


All donated firearms will be re-conditioned and presented as youth door prizes at future FAST Wild Game Dinners.  Please use the message function on this forum to contact me.


Pete Cooney graciously donated one of this year's door prizes, a 1970's Glenfield (Marlin) Model 25 bolt action, magazine fed, .22 lr, rifle.  This rifle has been undergoing a "few" changes, to make it one of a kind, (just like God made each of us) and I've included a teaser pic.  You'll be able to see the finished rifle at the 2014 Wild Game Dinner and on this site, just before the dinner.

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The Worthy Gun:

Worthy effort by a worthy man for a worthy cause!  Great job Tom. 

I probably have something in the back that I can donate.. will look and see. you going to be at next meeting on the 21st?


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