I tried to apply for a turkey license on 8/1 and the folks at the store told me they didn't have the ability to process the application yet. Their system with DNR didn't show one available. I think I missed the boat and don't want to miss another year because I can't ever seem to figure out how and when to get a license.  If there are any bird or small game hunters out there willing to help out - I need an example to follow!


Thank you

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Hey Marc, 

I had this same trouble when I chose to get into turkey hunting, because at that time, no one that I knew turkey hunted. I missed the first year spring and fall seasons. But you need not worry! The turkey hunting rules have changed, based on the large amount of turkeys available. If your hunting someplace up north it may be more difficult to get a tag now. But in the south of the state, there will be left over tags and you will be able to purchase those over the counter. This goes for both fall and spring hunting. If you get the hunting and trapping guide from your license dealer, it will have all the dates that you will need to be aware of for deadlines. Get that and mark those dates for the application period for the spring. Hope this helped. 

Call me any time- I can meet you at the sporting good store.

jim 248-867-1329

Marc, if you decide to use a shotgun you should know that you can buy a license in many areas everyday. So that means you could buy one on Monday then another on Tuesday. With 2 legal tags in your pocket you can take 2 birds (or more if you had 3 tags...).  Hunters often hit/kill more than one bird anyways by mistake so you could carry away the second bird legally.

I plan to bow hunt turkeys while deer hunting from my tree stand (can't hunt a tree stand with a shotgun). i might possibly hunt with a shot gun before the Oct 1 bow opener if I'm lucky.

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