Hey Guys,

Some of you I am have met and some of you I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting. However all of you are a part of this post. I am a full-time missionary to Zambia, Africa. I am a Kensington guy whos been to multiple Man-Ups and served at the Troy location mostly with the chubby's team. The entire Field and Stream team has supported me prayerfully and financially in many different ways! I have been overseas now for just over 6 months and amazing things have been happening. I would love to post more but it proves to be a bit difficult, so sorry guys!! To give an update, since arriving here I have traveled over 20,000 miles just in Zambia to minister and serve the people here. I have been able to minister to over 5,000 people!!! With over 500 of these people deciding to give their life to Jesus and begin growing in the relationship and understanding with him!! It has been incredible. The team I minister with focus' on going to the most remote places around the world. So most of the time I am rough camping and using all the items and supplies we use for recreational hunting, camping and fishing in the states to take the gospel to the farthest parts of the world. With your support I was able to buy a pop-up tent, a hand held GPS and a CB radio for my team to communicate when we dont have phone service out in the Africa bush. We couldn't do the work withpit these things!!! There is sooo much testimony to share and maybe one day when I come home to visit I can share more with you. But for now, quick updates and pictures will have to do!! If you would like to talk to me more please feel free to email me at Brad@overlandmissions.com. Just please be patient with my reply!!!

Bradley Russ

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Bradley, Thank you for following God's call.  Merry Christmas to you and your team.

Amazing! Well done Brad. I look forward to hearing more about your adventure with God and the people of Zambia! Again, well done! 

What an amazing journey you are on with God..

Keep the Faith my friend..

Thanks for the update Brad.

Brad thank you for the update. I was thinking about you last week wondering how you were and just saw this post.  I am happy to read of your progress and will pray for God to continue to bless and protect you and your team.  I also want to share with you that about 10 of us from Kensington are planning a mission trip to South Africa next summer.  The planning has already begun! Steve Andrews and his son Jeff will be with us. 

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