I was talking to Chuck about ice fishing and an idea came up about organizing an outing next year. I would be happy to organize it.

Depending on interest, I could organize a day on the ice with prizes for biggest fish, smallest fish, etc....

A couple of ideas were to have it on free fishing weekend to engage folks that may not normally be out on the ice. We could also look at a date later in the season to try to catch some warmer weather.

If we did it prior to the wild game dinner, maybe we could even provide some gill fillets for the chowder!

Just wanted to throw the idea out there for some lakes with good parking and access along with gauging interest from the team. Thanks!

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sounds fun

I would be in for that.

Dang it, I just got rid of my ice fishing gear on Craigslist!  But maybe interested on getting back into it.

That is OK Jon! There are extra rods available and I am going to be on the look out this summer at garage sales to pick up some more!

I have about 30 rods (new) and some other functional items to make this happen. We should approach John Bacarella about hosting one near his place by Lake St. Clair. 

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