Within the last few days I have had a few customers ask me about getting a few animals to do mounts for them. I am primarily looking for 1 or 2 rooster pheasants and 2 small muskrats. If you have any other game birds, those will be appreciated as well. Willing to pay for them, but looking for a reasonable price.

If you or someone you may know has either of these animals, please contact me at (586) 214-0824.

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My name is Keith Bennett and I am a friend of Chuck Snyder. I have a couple of Pheasant hides you can have if you like. They have been skinned out for a while. 10 yrs maybe? I kept them to put under a table glass top and never finished. If your interested, call me 734-358-4480


Friend Trent Masterson on our website.  He traps muskrats and is the one who donated all the muskrat meat to our wild game dinner ( Uncle Trents Stew ).  My bet is that he may have a couple for you.

Good Luck

Keith, thank you, but I already purchased a pheasant a few weeks ago...

Might want to get a hold of Trent quick because trapping season are coming to an end in a couple weeks. Next time I talk to him i'll mention something about it. 

I tried, but if you ask him that would be great!

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