Hi to Everyone,


At the March meeting we were joined by Jay Dunn from House of Providence. They are a fantastic organization that houses and helps at risk foster boys and girls navigate life without parents.


They are in need of our help. I am asking if someone who is in the landscape industry could help out with coming up with a layout of their property House of Providence’s Oxford location. They are asking for someone with this expertise to show what the best plants and shrubs would be for their location.


Myself and a few staff members from HOP would be happy to meet you at the Oxford location to discuss options.  HOP has a tentative date of May 4th to  plant the shrubs and plants that we come up with. Please contact me if you can help out. sharper1070@gmail.com.


Thank you in advance for considering to help,


Scott Harper

F&S Team

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I plan on getting certified or vetted to volunteer there.  I also can and will look at the lawn once landscaping is done.  I do not do landscaping but can do fertilizer and weed control.

Sounds great, Thanks Jim

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