Guys, a dear friend of mine who lives w/in 5 minutes of the Troy Campus has a very good 6 person hot tub he needs to get rid of quickly.  He is installing an elevator for his wife who suffers from Parkinson's and needs to move the tub to get soil samples for the footings next week.  He maintains everything in an immaculate condition and the cover is a couple of years old and like new.  I was going to take it to the Farm but that's impractical since I don't live there.  If you're interested or could even just lend me a hand this Sunday am after the 9 am Troy service to move it away from the current location across his patio so he can do the sampling, please let me know. You'll need a trailer to move it.  It's 78 inches wide.  Craig Lange 248 672 9647

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Sorry that I am just seeing this now. How did the move go?  My neighbor offered me their hot tub last spring but the thing was SOoo heavy that 4 guys could not budge it empty so we left it. 

I'd be interested in it but am concerned about the weight and transportation.  The company I called last spring wanted almost $1,000 just to move it 50 yards from my neighbors to my place. The age of the tub also sounded like it was ready for major maintience. Cha Ching...

Do you know the brand name?



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