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There is a group in Detroit called The Good News Gang in need of a “to go” Christmas lunch for the 300 kids that will be piling into to their center Dec 16.  The program will give them probably the only gift they will receive for Christmas.  Knowing how hungry they are, we would love to feed them. Due to time constraints it will have to be a lunch they will receive getting off their bus to take home.  We have 300 stockings with candy donated.  If you can help with putting sandwiches together, chips, fruit snacks, water, brown bags, baggies, bread, meat (no peanut butter/Jelly) and or donations to purchase items needed-email me:   or text me @ 248-421-2633. My plate was full, then I heard the story about the boy who sat next to my friend during the last Sat program. The volunteers will walk around and place 1 pc of candy on a quiet listeners leg (not to be eaten until they leave). There isn’t near enough candy to go around so only a few are chosen. As they walked past him, he says with tears in his eyes- “they never pick me”.  My heart broke just listening about it.  Let’s pick him.  I know it’s last minute.

I can give you a tax donation through Hands of Hope. 




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