Hi Everyone,

I hope you have had much success in your turkey hunting. My first visit to the FAST team was the last meeting. I was able to meet some of you at the meeting. It was a great time and learning about what the FAST team is doing was a great experience.

About me

I am an avid outdoorsman with a major focus on archery. I created a website in the hunting industry back in 2009 www.bowhunterplanet.com from the start it was hard work but fast forward to today we have become one of the top destinations for bowhunting enthusiasts around the world. We have over 200k members and over 2 million reach per month. We work with so many hunting companies it's a lot of fun.

We just launched a podcast feel free to subscribe on iTunes. Would love to start getting FAST memebers to tell their stories on the show.

Anyhow enough about me let's hear about you... what kind of hunting do you do? Do you bow hunt? Which bow you use?

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Hey Dave, thanks for the invite to your site, and hope it continues to do well.. 

Hi Dave. My turkey hunt was exciting and had many close calls but no shots.  As for my bow, I double lunged an 8 point on opening day of the 2016 archery season using my Diamond Fugitive bow. This bow has been good to me however my son needs a new bow (or his dad's hand me down) so I might be in the market this summer. 

Sorry guys I missed the meeting had my days mixed up.   Any how I took a nice bird a few weeks back.  

What did I miss at the meeting?

No problem Dave, you didn't miss too much. Most of the discussion was about the upcoming BBQ/Blues festival event. Hope you can make it to this epic event in June.  

Hello Dave.  I am in the market for a new bow and have seen some positive press on the Obsession Turmoil as being a mid priced bow with outstanding performance that rivals flagship bows in a few ways.  I plan to shoot one soon and was wondering if you have any input?

Chuck Snyder 248 496-2593

Hi chuck, The obsession Turmoil is awesome.  I would suggest shooting one at your local dealer.  We will be at the Woods N water outdoors weekend coming up and will bring some bows to sell there as well.  We might not have that model but other great options.  Check out our video on the Turmoil.  


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