Gentleman we have a brother in Christ who is in desperate need. Some of you may know Dave Zaleski. Over the past couple of years Dave has had several surgeries on his ankle which have not gone very well. He is now back in Crittenton hospital having another surgery. Dave has no one right now and is feeling pretty down. So we need a couple of things, first prayers please keep Dave in your prayers, second he needs some visitors at the hospital. So if you cane spare some time give him a call and or visit him at the hospital. call him at 586 914 7330. he is in room S. 661

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Thanks Dave for posting this. I'll be going there Saturday to take him some lunch. I'm going to get him some of the food from the Wild Game dinner. I'm hoping to get to him before 1:00, if anyone wants to go with me. ..   

Pick me. Pick Me!

I might join you but I have to leave by 1:30 pm for another appt.  I will bring any leftover WGD 50/50 raffle tickets for Dave!!

THANKS to all who prayed for me, and a special appreciation for those of you who came to see me.

I am back home, although still wheelchair bound, the Lord is blessing me with healing.

Great to hear you're on the mend, Dave.  Praying for your quick healing.

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