I'm looking for a 20 ga youth shotgun that can be shot either left handed or right handed with ambidextrous safety and shell discharge.  I have 4 kids that are a mix of eye dominance.  I'd like to make the purchase knowing I'll have this gun for the next 20 years.  Matt Dahmer brought up a Weatherby youth gun that has potential.  Any other suggestions?  Santa needs to know.

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I have an old side by side 16 g short stock for a youth, but it isn't for sale.  You can use anytime.

Sars - you can borrow my Rem 1187 Yutes RH semi 20ga whenever you want. I bought it to use at KidsinCamo event.
Here’s a Yutes for sale. I am not familiar with this model: http://www.migunowners.org/forum/showthread.php?390555-H-amp-R-20-g...
Scratch the 1187, it is a Rem 1100 Lt20 w/ LOP = 12 7/8”

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