This past weekend was a great weekend for the FAST family!

Saturday at the Orion campus, "pheww!" at the Holy Smoke BBQ and Blues Festival, Mark Vidosh "hit it out of the park!" for the team! Mark did all the preparations, organizing and leading of this event. He also competed in the competition and won a trophy for his BBQ chicken. Mike Woloson also was indispensable at this event. He was the key FAST member to get the entertainment set up and help this event be a great success! (he also cooked in the competition.) Frank and Chuck did all the leg work that day by running around for anything that was needed. Bada did a great job of heading up the judging of the BBQ competition. I can see this becoming an annual event for FAST and would be honored to be a part of it. If you missed it, you won't want to next year. Well done to Mark and Mike for another successful Field and Stream Team sponsored event for Kensington. Dave Wilson had only great things to say about this event when I saw him on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday?!?!

The all campus' baptism at Stoney Creek was on Sunday, and FAST members again stepped up to serve the community. There were tons of FAST members there to help cook food for the massive crowd that came out to this event. Jim Hartwick headed this up and organized it perfectly. Mark Vidosh and Mike Woloson again were on hand as well as Bada and many others. Hans Drew, his wife Kim and his daughter Brinkley were the all stars for the day. We could not have done it without them. Cooking and serving for almost 4,000 people is a team effort, and FAST was absolutely perfect as a team that day. Many people came by our grills to thank us and visit with us. We even got to meet the original Field and Stream Team founder Dave McKay. Because of him hearing from God to start up a men's outdoor ministry, we are FAST. It was once again an honor to be serving people next to all of those that came out to help Kensington with this event. I just want to tell all of you, "WELL DONE!"


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Very well done by all.

Mr Petty also should get some praise he spent many hours in front of the hot grill for both days just to serve others, its a good thing he does sweat a lot....

Well said Jim. Once again I am so proud and grateful to be a part of the team! Thanks for all of the hard work guys.

Jim, thanks for all of your efforts in making both events awesome.

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