Hello Wild Game Dinner Enthusiasts!


Although the Field and Stream Team is not able to take returns on tickets purchased for the Wild Game Dinner, we understand things come up and would like to provide an avenue to connect those who are both looking to get rid of their tickets and those that would like to go to the dinner.

If you are have tickets that you would like to sell, please post your phone number and email along with the number of tickets you have available.  If you would like to buy tickets and find a fit for the quantity you are looking for, please contact that person to buy the tickets.  You will be responsible for arranging for ticket pickup and the cash transaction for the tickets.

Once you have sold your tickets, please make sure that you take down your post so that you do not have other interested people continue to contact you.

We are really excited for the 2017 Wild Game Dinner and look forward to seeing everyone!  If there are any questions, please contact me at casey_a_camp@yahoo.com.


Casey Camp


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Looking for 3 tickets WGD 248.977.2820

Hello all,

I am in search of 4 tickets. Please contact me if you have any available!! 248-941-2105

Thank you!

Steve I would take 1 or 2 tickets

Looking for 1 ticket, thanks

Bill MacIntyre

(248) 410-7598 (call or text)

Looking for 2 tickets. Thanks

Joe Morton

(248)240-0470 (Call or Text)


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