Looking to upgrade to my trigger and barrel (potential with suppressor). Has anyone done this and if so what has your experience been? Best barrel or trigger kit to purchase? I want a quiet tak driver when all said and done.

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I went with a Kidd threaded 10" barrel for my 10/22 SBR. It is very accurate but weighs a lot. I wish they made a fluted version. I am investigating some reliability issues but the source is most likely the modifications made to the bolt assembly.

For super quiet, a integrally suppressed barrel is an option, and there are several aftermarket manufacturers of quality bull barrels and sporter barrels to wring out the accuracy, also a bunch of trigger groups to go with.  Budget minded is the Ruger BX trigger for $80ish, and up to the KIDD or Volquartsen trigger groups around $2-300.  They both make barrels, as do greenmountain and others.  Try checking out www.rimfirecentral.com for tons of info and reviews on all things rimfire and 10/22.

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