Guns For Sale / All proceeds go to ministry




At the end of August what hasn't sold goes to a broker.



Until then I am offering them for 1/2 Blue Bk value... or less.



All money goes to ministry. If you want I'll make donation in your name so you get the tax write off.



H&R 976 Revolver 22LR



Ruger Security Six Revolver 357Mag 



North American Arms Mini Revolver 22LR



Interarms Stainless Revolver Virginian Dragoon 2 Cylinders 22LR and 22Mag



Interarms Stainless Revolver Virginian Dragoon 44Mag



Thompson Center Contender frame only



Remington 788 Bolt Action Rifle Caliber 308



Ruger #1 Tropical Rifle Caliber 375HH Mag



Armson OEG gun site



Contact me for details.



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  • Also the the Interarms Stainless Revolver Virginian Dragoon 44Mag?
    • Jim,
      Please send your regular email address to me at
      I'll get the pics off to you tomorrow.
      Thx, Morris
  • Hey Morris, can you email me a photo or two and the price of the Ruger Security Six Revolver 357Mag, please?
This reply was deleted.