Jim Ploen and Buddy Stampler were the designers and builders of this longbow.


The design is based on the Holmegaard bows of ancient Denmark. which made it possible to shoot an arrow faster and


farther due to the light, long and stiff outer limbs that act as levers when propelling the arrow.

It is smoother and has less shock, than other traditional bows.

In 1998 a 21st Century bow won a shoot-out in open competition. It beat all comers including compound bows.


The Constellation has 2 notch locations on top, 2 on bottom, giving it 3 settings with a brace height of 6-3/4”. Of course as brace height changes so does draw length and poundage.
46#      26”draw      64”string lgth
49#      26”             63”
53#      26”             62”.

Included: second string, arm guard, finger guard, arrows and a lot of arrow building supplies including shafts, fletching, tips, and tools. practice and hunting arrows including fluflu and blank shafts.
Also reading material and engineering test results.
And a letter written to me from Milton Callaway who had bought the company in 2000, explaining some of the details of this great bow.
The bow was built in 1999 (Anniversary Issue) and I purchased it used, in 2000. Has seen very little use. Stored indoors.

Bow originally sold for $698. Items included approx $200.

I have about $700 in it. Would like to get $450.

Money will be used for ministry purposes.

Questions: mgh4552@yahoo.com



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