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You may have received an email from me about starting up a Wild at Heart (John Eldredge) small group this fall. Interest has been great so far. It's looking like Monday nights work best for most guys. For those that are interested or know someone that would enjoy getting into a small group here's a great opportunity to "cast the net" for friends, brothers, or any men in your lives that would enjoy connecting with other men of FAST in a small group study. Please forward my contact information to anyone you think would be interested. chris.sarsfield@fieldandstreamteam.org

A little about Wild at Heart and the Field Manual which we will be using during the course of the study:

In his book Wild at Heart author John Eldredge thrusts a generation of men, young and old, toward a journey to recover true masculinity--the soul of a man as God designed him.

If you've already begun the journey, you know how thrilling---and hard--it can be. So, you may have longed for a tool to maximize the impact, a guide to show the way. Packed with new information and insights the Wild at Heart Field Manual guides you along "the road less traveled." Filled with probing questions, creative exercises, and space to record personal field notes, this companion volume is designed to transition you from reading about the wild heart to living from it.

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