Did anyone ever wonder why we support the area in Africa "POKOT".  I went to Kensington last night and listened to Steve Andrews and Hon. Julius Murgor talk about just that.  You want confirmation that GOD exists, you need to hear the whole story.  If you get a chance I hope they taped the event and will post it on a podcast.  In a nut shell Steve had been praying for 10 years about the Pokot area during college(1 of many areas in need of prayer, Steve just felt the need for this one).  His 1st day at seminary he ends up sitting next to Julius( the only one, the 1st one-to ever be sponsored, educated and attend seminary school from the Pokot area).  What are the odds?  I think about the same as smashing a watch and then shaking the pieces to fix it.  This is only the 1st part of the story.  If you get a chance you should really need to watch it. I have a feeling we need or should I say we aren't done there yet. I think FAST might want to pray about this, I know I am.

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Comment by Steve Buchan on March 21, 2011 at 1:59pm
Agreed,  I will add this to our prayer concerns.  Thanks

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