To be forgiven much, is to love much.

Saturday, July 9, 2011 I participated in BBQ in the park with my son Greg, my wife Kimberlie, and many of my FAST brothers. While I love to serve, I was about to receive more than I had bargained for.

On the drive to Detroit, Scott Wakefield, Greg,two wonderful women, and myself (Kim rode with Gator's wife) had an amazing conversation about "To be forgiven much, is to love much". I had a sense of comfort because I was going to help feed God's people.The company on the drive alone was worth the time to me, but God had so much more for me.

This was the second time Kimberlie, Greg, and I have served at this event. Kimberlie seems very much at home in this out reach, perhaps her being a professional counselor has something to do with it, or it's just her kind heart. Greg, to my amazement trotted off to find his friend Daniel. Daniel is a Grand-Father type older man in a wheel chair. The first time we served, Greg noticed Daniel was having trouble crossing the street in his wheel chair and made him a plate of food and asked Craig Lange to go with him and give it to him. They hit it off and talked a long while. This time was no different, and the the smile on Daniel's face when Greg hugged him good bye, was icing on the cake.

As mentioned above, while I love to serve, admit-tingly, BBQ in the park, is a bit out of my comfort zone; OK, allot. I found a comfort zone for me, working the grill. I didn't have to enter-act with anybody except a couple of my FAST brothers, or so I thought.

We were pretty busy, cooking around 300+ hamburg's and around 400+ hot dogs on a charcoal grille. Through the hustle-n-bustle, I noticed this little girl, she was just a baby, maybe 3 years old. She was very hungry, so much so, she was desperately trying to climb her Mother's leg to get to the plate she had prepared for her. My heart was both broken and softened at the same time. Apparently, that was to prepare me for what was about to come. You see, on my ride to Detroit I shared with Scott, Greg, and my two new friends my desire to be more like my FAST brothers and there giving way. I can easily give my time, but tend to struggle when it comes to share, well lets call it stuff.

As the event was winding down, we were running out of everything. Drinks, fruit, salad, pasta, chips, and hamburgs had all been handed out. We had even run out of hotdogs buns. A couple of the ladies were creative and cut the hotdogs in half and put them on the remaining hamburg buns to hand out.

At the end, we were down to two hamburg buns with hot dogs on them. Everyone had wondered off into the crowd to mingle with people except myself, I was still by the grille, and a young college girl at the table to handout the last two hotdogs. I had noticed an older gentleman who had stayed off to the side, with no one else around, he approach and ask if there was any food left. The young lady offered him the last two hotdogs, he graciously accepted.

Moments later, another Gentleman, that had been standing off to the side by himself, who was obviously very hungry, walked up and asked "is there any food left"? The young lady was so gracious, she said "I'm so sorry, it's all gone" and then the most amazing thing happened. The Gentleman who had received the last two hotdogs, was standing there with his arm stretched out and said, "you can have this one".

This man who was homeless, had but the clothes on his back, and two hotdogs in his hands. Mind you, one hotdog for lunch, and save the other for dinner, was giving away one without the promise of anything in return.

I was so humbled, here I was striving to learn to be more giving, and before me was one of the most precious gifts of giving I had ever witness. A man with only two hotdogs was willing to give 1/2, not walk away, not 10%, but half, with no promise of return.

I came to humble myself and serve, and indeed I was humbled, but it was I who was served.


Thank you God

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Comment by Chris Sarsfield on July 15, 2011 at 5:43pm
Great post, Steve.  I hope everyone takes the time to read it.
Comment by Jim Petty on July 15, 2011 at 10:54am
Well put Steve! Footsteps of any size as long as they are moving forward with Christ are progress for the better good! Well done on getting yourself and family down there to be blessed...Well done! Thanks for sharing this adventure with us...
Comment by Matt Dahmer on July 14, 2011 at 10:13am
Steve, what an awesome story.  You have opened up some eyes here ( including my own ).  Thanks for sharing this with us

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