The BEST Gospels, Gobblers and Guns so far!!

Gentlemen of FAST! (Ladies too)


What a weekend at this years Gospels, Gobblers, and Guns! 

The weather was perfect at the times we needed it to be. There were some turkeys gobbling and responding to calls both mornings. The clay birds and lead were flying during free time. The smoker was at the correct temperature for smoking some meats. The children were well behaved and obedient. (Notice all the guns that Graig could be touching at this moment, he chose to grab the clay thrower! Well done DAD! (Steve Glasco)

The guns were many and with little to now malfunctions. Our bible study out of Acts this weekend was regarding the journey of Paul, and how it relates to us and our dedication to sharing the Word of God and the life of Jesus. It was well presented by Scott Harper, if I remember correctly, everyone gave some input to the groups discussion.

There were some first time shooters that have now experienced that face you get after shooting the first time! (Look at this guys face, he just shot a shotgun for the first time in his life. Notice the clinched cheek muscles. lol) 

There was not one injury or fatality! (This is the part that amazes me. Some people say that guns kill people. We had twice as many guns at Bucks then we had people, yet not one person got shot! I guess we don't have any angry guns in our group.) It must have been the safety presentation from Safety Steve Korolewski. Well done Sir!!

The turkey hunting presentation by Chris Sarsfield was very well done. Each youth that was present received a turkey call to work with. We all left with some new knowledge about hunting this great American bird. Along with a 12 page turkey hunting guide with photos, depictions, calls, history, tracking tips, physical characteristics, mating and nesting habits and identification guide for turkey poop. Which brings me to my favorite part of the weekend, the FOOD!

Each morning was welcomed by the smells of breakfast meats and grilled vegetables. Eggs, and pancakes, burritos filled with cheeses and bacon. Just to get the day started. Then, after breakfast, (*?*,>**&%^$$*&%$&&$& $#@$#&#&@^!@!^$^^%&*,THIS PORTION OF OUR EATING REGIMENT HAS BEEN CENSORED TO PROTECT THE YOUTH OF OUR CAMP, THEIR MOTHERS MAY HAVE ACCESS TO THIS BLOG AND WE, THE MEN OF FAST, HAVE SWORN TO UPHOLD THEIR CONFIDENCE OF PRIVACY FOR THEIR OWN PROTECTION. SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE.^#*@*&@*^ !&%*(&)^%^&$$#?:""{}{}{}*%*($^$*&, and then Mr. Korolewski gave all of us a !@%$@&*&* ^$*(&^%$>>. (Oops, forgot about Steve giving those out to everyone!)

 Dinners where just like all FAST dinners, way too much food for us to eat. Pork tenderloin was the main dish on Saturday, and Jon Bada's famous beef ribs filled the plates on Friday.

This years group was a great mix of guys. I don't remember any conflicts, concerns, or confrontations. Just an easy going weekend that raced to our departure on Sunday. This is a "must" event for next year! Great big thanks to Chris Sarsfield for organizing the schedule and the teams. And also to Scott Harper for his leading of our study along with inviting us to his hunt club! Thanks guys! Please reserve my spot for next year!!  

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