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Mark Biebuyck is looking for some help on the 26th of June painting a KCC mom's house. Steve Norman announced this woman's plight last Weds. night at the Wednesday Night Experience. Apparently, she's about to be evicted by the City if she doesn't get her home painted by July 1. Mark B. is leading a team of KCC volunteers to help paint her place on the 26th. I have an email from Mark I'll pass on to Chris S. Maybe he can do a email blast tomorrow. Gator Dave and I are off on our mission trip to NYC and will return that day so we're out of commission. Watch for Chris' email tomorrow which will forward Biebuyck's email to me. Mark sees FAST as a body of can-do guys with a heart for Jesus. So if you can spare some time, that would be awesome. Craig

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Comment by Chris Sarsfield on June 15, 2010 at 9:53am
Can I first tell you....THANK YOU! After Norm made the announcement on Wed,
I was overwhelmed by your commitment to serve this women and her family.
So here are the details:

June 26, 9am-? Is the day that works best. So, start praying for some good
weather, and put the request out to there to anyone you know that would like
to help serve.
Note: We are thinking that it would be great for a couple groups or even a
couple guys to show up a few days early for scraping. So, please let me know
if you or your groups are available to pick up a handscraper or sander from
their tool shop and do this as an after work type project....5:30-9ish (im
going to try and wrangle my group down there for an evening of pizza,
scraping, and hangin in the neighborhood.

Here is what we need (from a guy who is a hack painter):
- A guy or two to take lead on this. Email me, and you and I will
go over to preview the scene and develop a scope of work.
- Brushes (no rollers its wood shake).
- Metal Scrapers
- A baker Scaffold...there is a high peak. (this is a tough one, put
the word out)
- Some tall ladders
- Tarps
- Painters Tape

No Paint is needed (she will have this for us)

There are another 10 dudes that gave me their phone numbers, but no email
addresses, so I will try to contact them as well.

Please let me know if you plan on coming and when, so I can keep us all

Julie is her name and her Address is:
633 N.Edison
Royal Oak, 48067


Mark H. Biebuyck
Director of Small Groups, KCC
248.786.0629 Office

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