May 18, 2010 Fast Meeting Minutes

Menu – Del Taco’s provided by Welcoming Chairperson Jim Petty

Attendance was 17 strong. FAST welcomed Dave Zaleski to the group

Opening Prayer – Frank Ryde

Committee Reports:

The seven committees have met either formally or informally and the chair-persons have been selected.

Welcoming and Fellowship Committee – Jim Petty

Spiritual Growth Committee – Craig Lange

Communications Committee – Chris Sarsfield

Adult Outreach Committee – Steve Koralewski

Youth Outreach Committee – Scott Harper

WGD Committee – Jim Hartwick

Finance Committee – Marty Olkowski

There is still plenty of room for members to join and serve on as many committees as one wants to participate.

Financial Report: The Financial Committee has recommended, and the majority approved (with and without a secret ballot) the follow business rules.

1.For large events costing $500+ [WGD, Lapeer Sportsman Club, and Kicking Bear] the committee responsible for the event must present a proposed budget at the monthly meeting, at which time the FAST membership (10+ members in attendance) will vote to approve/disapprove the proposed budget request.

2.For small/medium events costing $200-$500 (provided funds are available) [Outreach, Promotional, or Group] also must be voted on at a monthly meeting (10+ members in attendance) to approve/disapprove the proposed budget request.

3.For small/medium events costing $0-$199 (provided funds are available) is at the Financial Committees discretion.

Up Coming Events:


Getting Kids in Camo at the Lapeer Sportsman Club June 5th 9:00am-4:30pm

Kicking Bear August 27th-28th in Brighton Michigan


Fundamentals of Skeet Shooting led by Marty Olkowski see website for details.

You Killed It, We’ll Grill It at Jim Hartwick’s June 13ht, see website for details.

Men’s Bible Study every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, all are invited and welcome.

New business

Three accountability groups are forming:

Lake Orion—contact Paul Deciechi

East Campus – contact Jim Hartwick

Troy Campus – contact Kyle Krause

If you would like to send a mass email to the group for an event or assistance, please contact Kyle Krause or Chris Sarsfield for assistance.

Please turn in well donation money to Dave “Gator” Krauskoff or Craig Lange as they would like to get that well started.

Also, please turn in the money for the gun raffle to Jim Hartwick ASAP.

Closing Prayer – Kyle Krause

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Comment by Chris Sarsfield on May 20, 2010 at 5:58pm
No more Del Taco for my man, Gregory. I think his chair was pretty squeaky ;-)

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