FAST Listed on Ransomed Heart Allies List as a Michigan Ministry

Before leaving for the Wild at Heart Boot Camp I asked Chuck and several of the guys about listing FAST on the Ransomed Heart web site. It's official! We're listed as a men's outdoor ministry which is on-going with links back to our site. This will allow other men searching for a "band of brothers" in the metro Detroit area to find the Field and Stream Team through the Ransomed Heart site.

Please go on the Allie Network, search for groups in Michigan, comment and rate our events, studies, retreats, if you enjoyed them. Let's spread the Kingdom, fellas. Let's help other men looking for camaraderie, fellowship, and strengthening their walk with other Christian brothers find a home in FAST.

This may be a direct link, if not search Michigan in the Allies Network page:

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Comment by Jim Petty on September 1, 2010 at 9:15am
Well done!! Well done, you growing follower of Jesus!! If only one person comes to know the Lord because you have done this, well done!! (obviously we want more than one, but IF only one.) I will be on the ransomed heart site today....

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