F Bombs:  what I learned over the weekend


Forgiveness:  even though were are not perfect, He offered us an opportunity to share His great Love with others in the great outdoors.  His grace was showed because we want to share His Word with others.  I don't even deserve this chance, but what a way to share my broken record with those who look for His forgiveness as well.


Fatherhood:  as a parent of two college-aged daughters, it was a magnificent site to see dads leading their young sons & daughters to the beautiful wonder of what mother nature had to offer ... every walk we did with the kids ... their eyes glistened and their smile was cheek-to-cheek as dads showed their kids what a great Father we can be in front of young believers.  An opportunity not wasted by all married, divorced and soon-to-be fathers of His kingdom.


Faith:  tested from time to time...but strengthened with brothers on hand.  A fine testiment to those who have started their walk and for those who are IN their walk of Faith.


Thanks to the guys of Bucks Only:  Scott H, Chris S, Paul D, Steve G, Steve K, Jim P, Michael P, Kyle K, Brian T, Matt D, Mark K and Evan K .... you guys are great walkers of the Faith in Him.


Beautiful creations of His Love:  Elizabeth H, Brin D, Duggan D, Greg G, Caleb T and Isaac T .... your smiles  and energy.  Keep on spreading His Word with others! 

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