By the Campfire - Reflecting on the Bucks Only Event

What a great time had by all this past weekend.

As I am new to this group, I would like to reflect the immediate impact that these guys left on me this past weekend. Even though it was designated as a "Fall Flyfishing Trip", it was far from that! You guys are excellent examples of loving the outdoors with all of your heart.

Life experiences you shared this weekend are great examples of God's work!

First of all, the host: Scott H - you are a man with a drive to share life experiences with others. The way you opened up the camp to others is a true gift. Thanks for sharing by opening up your arms - you have made a huge impact to anyone that has stayed at this place.

Chris S - your passion & excitement on being outdoors is unparallel. Your support for this team has not gone un-noticed by me as well as other. The "quiet" guy who let others shine is the trait I noticed. Thanks again for your tender heart.

Marty O - your gift on sharing your talents as an outreach for kids and other adults, is unquestionable. Your drive is what will make this team more noticeable. Showing how God's love works in the outdoors is what you do. This huge warm heart of yours is a blessing to this team.

Dave K - the fact that you are willing to share God's gifts with others is another blessing in disguise. You let it all hang out, irregardless what others think of you. You are ready to lock arms with anyone that loves the outdoors is a true value that I noticed. Lock & Load - Ready for the Calling!

Mark P - thanks for showing us a great relationship that you have with your son Evan. You are an example of how men sharpen other men. Evan will start off on his journey knowing that he had a great teacher!!

Evan P - I am glad that you have open eyes & a warm heart. Follow in your dad's footsteps and watch others in this team - and you will go a long way in life. Don't forget that you cannot go on your journey alone. Keep brothers, like this team, always in close reach.

Jim P - ahhh the "joys" of bachelorhood is over. Pretty soon, you will be not have as many toys within your grasp. But thanks for sharing them with us. It was hard to notice that God's love for the outdoors is shown in every step that you take. Keep it up my brother and thanks for inviting me to meet this group.

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Comment by Marty Olkowski on September 20, 2009 at 11:08pm
Jon, Thank you for the kind words. It was pleasure getting to know you. It is obvious to me that you have a special vision and leadership qualities that will be appreciated and utilized within the Field and Stream Team.

Scott, Thank you for inviting us up for another great weekend! Buck's only is a special place.

Jim, You rock...I loved shooting your new crossbow. Thank you.

Dave, you are a such a multi-talented guy great guy to be around. You get the prize for sharing the biggest toys.

Mark and Evan, it's a joy seeing the both of you having a such great time together.

Chris, we need to find a real trout stream. We have all the right gear, we just need the right river.

I know that I am truly blessed be able to spend time with such great guys enjoying the outdoors.
Comment by Jim Petty on September 17, 2009 at 9:10am
Thanks for the kind words, and again you are always welcome were ever I am.You are a great addition to our team?
Comment by Scott Michael Harper on September 17, 2009 at 5:04am
Thanks Jon, you are a welcomed addition to our team and thank you for all your insight on the river.
Comment by Chris Sarsfield on September 16, 2009 at 7:47pm
Jon, just from one weekend I can already see the powerful impact you're going to have on FAST. What a blessed addition you are to the FAST team. Plus, thank you for the fly fishing tips. It translated into immediate success casting Saturday night.

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