By the Campfire - BBB at the Lange Estate

As a new member of the FAST group, I really don't know that many team members. I am looking forward meeting every one of you this coming weekend. Build new relationships. Have a great time enjoying what God has to offer and what Craig & Pat are willing to share with us.

What can we pray about, discuss and shoot at, this weekend?

G'Love, G'Lock and G'Live

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Comment by Jon Bada on October 5, 2009 at 11:00am
Summary of this Weekend's Event:

First of all, I want to really thank Craig L. His hospitality was 5 star. His passion to lead us in a better relationship with God and fellow brothers was unmeasurable. For that, I was truly blessed by your love to share His work. Also you had great aim at Chris' UofM hat on Sunday afternoon. Thanks again for letting us experience His grand spectacle of the great outdoors.

Rob B.: thanks for bringing your father up from Ohio this past weekend. His wisdom and his relationship with God became really apparent with every word he shared with us. His gracius spirit made me realize that he is truly my "Sarayu". There was a soothing comfort that I felt every time he spoke/moved/smiled. Please feel free to forward this blog comment to him. Rob, you must be blessed for having him as a father. He has inspired us all.

Then there was Evan. I was really amazed that at a young age, you are "getting it". I am thankful that young men like you have stepped up to be a "Warrior" in the John Eldridge way. You have many battles to fight and you know that you have a back-up team from every member of the FAST group. Your insight and comments that you shared with us during the study was reassuring that God's work can impact someone as young as you. You ROCK Evan.

Steve/Marty/Ed, thank you for bringing your sons up (Gregory/Matt/Mark). Their love for the outdoors was apparent. They are starting their journey to walk with God. It was great to see fathers sharing God's gifts with their sons at their side. Keep up the great work.

Lastly, for now, Jim P: thank you for introducing me to this great group of brothers! Your leadership skills and passion to spread His Word became real apparent to me over the weekend. Thanks for the "Trinity Knife" - I am sharpening it this week so that I may sharpen others with the Grace you shared with me over the weekend.

Thanks again to everyone for this weekend. We are in a battle and I am proud that we are part of the same squadron: the First Expeditionary Force of the Manton Meat Eaters.
Comment by Steve Buchan on September 28, 2009 at 4:38pm
Does Jon scare anyone else? Or, is it just me?

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