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FREE Jr. Hunting License

Get a free junior hunting license at Meijer stores!

In this week’s Meijer ad there is a coupon for a FREE junior hunting license, which will be valid in the stores on September 16th & 17th.


Load up your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews and neighbors, take them to a local Meijer store and get them their FREE junior hunting…


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Being A Father !

This years FAST Gobblers, Gospels and Guns weekend was one of its best yet !  Sure we missed Trent and a few others but there was always someone there to fill in.  Many thanks go out to all the guys, but a special thanks is needed for Chris and Scott to make sure this great weekend was not cancelled.  The show must go on and " Did It Ever " !!!!!


This weekend showed me that F.A.S.T.…


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Cabelas Cash Card

Check your mail guys. I received a cash card yesterday that does not exclude the purchase of a firearm or ammo to activate it. Basically the best cash back is for a $500 dollar purchase. The card then gives you $150 spending cash for anything else in the store. 30 % back - NOT BAD !

Anything less gives 25% back Sweeeet

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Compound Bow Pkg.

Great deal for Golden Eagle bow pkg. ( alot of extras, case arrows, broadheads, whisker biscuit, limb savers, etc. ) $100 saw on craigslist this morning in Clawson

Nick 248-894-7729

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My first Deer !

I was so glad that my dad told me I was going to get to go hunting that Saturday morning. We drove for about two hours before getting to the site. When we got

there I was met with plenty of friendly faces laughing and talking. It was a

very inviting environment. When they said it was time to go…


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Lost Scent Lok Glove


I was going through my hunting clothes and found a Scent Lok glove that somehow got into my things. I think it must have been when we were all up at Craig's place sharing the garage to suit up. If its yours give me a shout and I will arrange to get it to you.


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Youth Deer Hunt

The person that accompanies the youth does NOT need a deer license himself. I just checked with 2009 Michigan Hunting Guide.

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Tis' the season to hunt !

After helping out at Kicking Bear, I couldn't be more geeked to start hunting. Watching kids lives light up right in front of you can be a real adrenalin rush. Hundreds of kids ( as well as all the adults ) walked with God that weekend. While expiereincing Hunting / Archery in our Lord's great outdoors, we had a real chance to speak to each other in a very powerful way. The kids saw Men and Women that had a real relationship with God and were excited to share this ! Hats of to all that made… Continue

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