Hi Fellas,  yes, it's never too early to start talking about next year's speaker and they way things are going we'll need to have them booked by fall.  Dan Dumas (Pastor Dan) that joined us at Gospel, Gobblers, and Guns gave Trent some copies of a great video, Lord of the Spring.  I have copies of Jason Cruise's "Lord of the Spring" to hand out.  It's one of the best turkey hunting videos I've seen, many famous hunters/ business owners are also giving their testimony, Will Primos, David Hale (Knight and Hale calls), David Blanton (Real Tree), Alex Rutledge (Hunter's Specialties) .  Anyway, Jason is the guy that put Lord of the Spring video together and also created a company The Outdoor Ministry Network where he wants to help set up and grow groups like FAST.  David Hale mentions he does speaking engagements during the video for no money in most cases.  Check these guys out...

Jason Cruise

David Hale

Alex Rutledge (Trent recommends)

Hank Hough (Frank recommends)

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Hey guys, I met Grant Woods last year at a Family Christian Camp. He speaks at Wild game dinners. Dr. Woods is co-author of Deer Management 101: Manage Your Way to Better Hunting. He is also a regular on television programs such as Dream Season and Wildlife Obsession. He is the developer of renowned Mossy Oak Biologic seed blends. He is a Biologist and specializes in managing whitetail deer populations on a site-specific basis. Here is his website: http://www.growingdeer.tv/.
I know their needs to be a high number of Seekers in attendance for him to come speak. I believe the only cost is to cover his travel expenses. If interesed I can reach out to him! Tabert
Brain this guy sounds like a possible candidate. Can you inquire about his avaialbility? Feb 12th or 26th are high probability weekends to host our dinner but that still will depend on the guest speakers availability.

Thanks for all you do to support FAST.

The website is awesome and a wealth of information on deer management. Any links to his message? I tried YouTube with no luck.
I will ask him...
I am going to contact Grant today. Here is a very interesting clip (you can go into his archives from this site to see others...you will see this is episode 41): http://www.growingdeer.tv/#ep/41


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