Due to everyone being so busy I thought we could hold an online discussion re- WGD 2012

I think everyone is ok with the Feb 18th date and the hall(Eagle creek is open


Terry Prisk  Haven't ask him yet?  Awsome speaker avid sportsman- great stories

Don Couzins  He will do it.  awsome speaker spoke at service last week great message- not sure if he is a sportsman, but has guide Kensington for years

Mike Tyson just spoke at our meeting- great stories? have not talked with him

open for more options-but I think we should hear the speaker before we book him.

maybe even listen to his actual talk??


Would love to book hall right away   





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I like the 18th and agree we should book the hall.  As for the speaker, I also think we should lock in.


 I personally think they should be an outdoorsman and have a testimony/message, after all this is an outreach. Just my two cents.


Steve G.

Sounds good with the Feb 18th date Jim.


For the speaker, I think we should look into sportsmen first.  If we can't find anyone, or nobody fits the bill, then we go with Mr. Cousins.  I completely agree with Dave that he is an awesome speaker and could bring a lot, but I am not sure if he will be able to tie into our theme and group's passion.  The sell has always been the outdoors, and I think we need to keep working off of that. 


My two cents, it is the entire groups decision however.  People, please speak up on this. 

Feb. 18th is good.  I am also agreeing with the rest, that the speaker should be an outdoorsmen with a good testimony/message.  I believe the love for the outdoors is are greatest strength when bonding with other men on our spiritual walks with God.


In Short:  I'm Good, Ditto, God Bless !

Ok, time for my 2 cents. I have not seen Mr. Cousins speak. Is he on the KCC website? I will check.  I don't doubt Mr. Cousins ability to speak a strong message based on how impressed some of you were. My concern is his ability to "lure" a sportmen to our event.  I'm concerned that we will attract sports fans and not sportsmen.  On the other hand there is probably some study that shows a strong correlation between hunters and football fans so maybe thats fine.

My suggestion is that we work as a team to look at other speakers that we could use and make a decision within 30 days. Other options are having Jimmy Gretzinger again. He has a part 2 he could speak to the crowd about. He did a great job before and I alway thought we would have him again within a few years.


As for the date...the 18th appears to be ok. I'd ask Sandy to pencil it in either way for now.


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