I have done a little research and so far have come up with price around $2 per cushion @ 600 piece order.

We are under the gun for time though.  Lead time is usually 2-3 weeks min.

So about $1200 and must get a guaranteed delivery date.

Is this something we / I should pursue further ? 

Need responses ASAP !

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I say yes, and we get rid of $1200 out of the dinky door prizes budget.  This would be considered taking the dinner to a new level IMO.  I think we should order another 200 on top of that to have for sale and/or presents/prizes at meetings and events. 

I say yes, if it's in the budget. 

I like idea for next year if we don't pull it off now.  Seems a shame though, considering we don't have cushioned chairs this year.  Do we already have money into door prizes ?  Do we have the budget ?

Sarsfield said :

I'd love to see us pull this off. Maybe ask for donations to help with the cost.

What a killer way to have the Field and Stream Team name in every hunting camp this fall and spring, at ball games, etc.  I think the outreach impact would be amazing.  Can we put under the logo?

I think this is such a great idea, Matt!  Even if we don't do it this year I think we should plan it for next year.


OK, after talking to some and getting fixed quotes I have some info to share.  Seat cushions are closer to $3 each and are honestly pretty low quality for a hunters comfort ( maybe not for a dinner seat ).  My worry is people liking them to use again.  Obviously good quality raises cost.  We can go with the idea this year and probably make it work or we can do more research for a quality product for next year.  Another idea is that we just give a couple hundred away at the door for 1st couple hundred guests or put them on table for cheaper give aways ?  In either case we need to decide with a quick response.  Can everyone on Wild Game Comittee say yay or nay.  If Yay then for how many 200 ?, 400 ?, 600 ?  

If we do some this year we may just roll with Darren so I will need someone as a connection to him with a quoted price and showing what it entails.  Otherwise I am still waiting on seeing if we can come up with cheaper quotes after shipping costs.

Thanks Matt

Do we know the quality of the ones Darren can get for us?  I don't know if I would be interested in the vinyl ones, they are going to be loud in the woods at first glance.  I would prefer the closed cell foam, link below.   Functionality over price for me, but I vote yes, for 600, and Matt you might want to call Paul for contact info for Darren.  Matt, thanks for all the work, don't take this as me shooting down the vinyl ones and all the work you have done thus far.  The closed cell foam ones don't absorb water and i think are going to be better in the long run.  My two cents.


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