I know Hartwick is out of town basking in the Florida sun for the next 5 weeks and will no longer be present to run our great pheasant hunt.  I am frequently asked about the hunt.  I have no idea where to start but would be willing to work with a TEAM of guys who want to keep this great tradition continuing.  Is it too late to schedule this at decent farms?  I feel like we struggle with location (close enough) versus cost, further away is cheaper.  Any thoughts?  Any interest? 

It's great fellowship and provides meat for the dinner, at least on the years some accurate shooters show up.

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Mark V. has done tons for the team this year and once again is working on a pheasant hunt for this season. Touch base with him about helping to get one scheduled. You know I will be able to also help get it done. Let me know if you talk to him about this. 

Thanks Jim and Chris. I have secured a date at Affordable Upland Pheasant Farms of February 10th ( the week before the WGD). Please follow the link to the website for this facility, 


I choose this facility for multiple reasons:

  • 7 bird per man tower hunt
  • Catered Lunch
  • Walk Up Hunt with guide and dogs
  • All bird cleaning fees
  • Very Nice Facility

The cost will be an additional $50 over last years cost ($185 vs. $135), but I think well worth the extra. Please provide feed back as we only have a short amount of time to respond and set this up.

Thank you!

Good Evening Gentlemen,

The Hunt is on for next Saturday, (February 10th), We have enough guys committed for the hunt to proceed. Just a couple of quick notes:

  • Eye Protection a must and Ear protection recommended
  • No Lead Shot 
  • No High Brass or Magnum loads
  • Sign in starts at 8 am, Shooting starts at 9 am.

$185 per man payable the day of the event directly to the farm by cash or check

The farm is located at: 6115  Chapin Road, Deford, MI. 48729 (989) 683 2749


If your interested in joining us we have room for more, please contact me at (586) 531 7984 cell, leave a message if you don't get me, I'll call you back.

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