Steve Koralewski and I have witnessed the vehicle in action.  I think only Dahmer or Glasco are crazy enough to drive it.  What an awesome camp vehicle or Woodward cruise ride.  Note the generous CPL discount in the description.

image 1

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I knew my CPL would save me one day !  On my way to Howell now.............

But will it go faster than 88 mph since it has a flux capacitor in it?

I suggest that FAST buy it so that we can apply for multiple CPL discounts and it would be great vehicle to pull the KCC trailer at the Orion Twp Christmas Parade!!
Its funny cuz I've neen searching for a Jeep Cherokee, too bad this one isn't a 99.
Yup I'd drive it.

Needs a sun roof cut out with a browning M2 mounted on roof.

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