Hey Guys!

Most of you know this and others don't (as Cliff's post below proves), I'm taking a breather from BBB for 2015.   There are a lot of reasons for this which I won't waste your time explaining.  A primary one is my hope that many of you will attend Man Up this year.  Two weeks in a row away from the kitchen is tough for many of us and BBB and Man Up back to back often resulted in members of  FAST missing the premier men's event at KCC for the year.  So I'm praying you'll be heading for Spring Hill this year and the awesome experience Man Up provides. 

BBB for 2016 is on the drawing room table right now.  I'm hopeful it can be a go and will let everyone know as soon as it's a sure thing. 

God bless,

Craig Lange

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Thanks Craig. It's a well deserved break for you and your property.

Thanks Craig.  Past events were great and your property does need a breather.  This year I hope everyone makes Manup.  I know this year will be my 1st time attending.

Thanks Craig for your generosity.  You deserve the break!  I could not attend BB&B last year so I went to Man Up instead.  What an awesome experience!  I encourage everyone to go even though I don't think I will be attending this year.  Will be traveling out of the country the week after.

Hey Craig, if you are attending Man up could you bring my air mattress and hat that I left at BBB last year?

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