I created an event and emailed out requests for help.  Looks like FAST is not interested in this event.  I have notified the leaders of this event I will keep trying, but with zero response of help we are out.  It pains me that out of 400-450 members 5-6 do not step up and help carry on this annual event.  I realize that August is a busy month and a lot of family plans are made, but I was hoping some new guys would step up and cover for guys who normally lead.  

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I never seen a email? Maybe others didn’t?

I have a wedding that day but didn't see an email either. Last year was bare bones so maybe we are getting burned out on this but it is a great way to make a great event even better so I hope FAST can continue to be part of it. 

Jim, I suggest you make calls or texts to those you feel can help. 

Thanks for leading the charge!

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