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We have been talking about putting together a BBQ cook off this summer. I'm hoping that Jon Bada will chime in here with some dates that would work for the local BBQ teams this summer? I am willing to put together a team with the help of a few experts here in our group. Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you,

Mark Vidosh (586) 531 7984 cell

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Thanks Mark for starting this thread.

Here is my first thoughts: keep it very local (mostly KCC / FAST Teams) with maybe invites to local BBQ teams - limit it to 12 teams; categories will be pork ribs and chicken; trophy prizes and bragging rights; site will be at either Troy or Orion parking lot on a Saturday (no electricity to be provided); check-in time will be 7am and turn-in times will be 3pm for chicken and 3:30 pm for ribs; charcoal grills/smokers preferred but gas/electric devices will be accepted; no pretrimming/premarinating of the meats; meats will be judged on appearance, tenderness & taste with a weighted scale; entrants will bring their own meats, rubs, sauces and cooking apparatus

Since I have experience as a KC Barbeque Society competition team and certified KCBS judge - I will assist Mark on this event; educate the teams on proper food handling, cooking criteria and even what it takes to become a KCBS Team or Judge.

Date possibilities for this event: a July Saturday?? April is too uncertain on the weather; May is turkey season; June is too busy with graduation/fishing events

Mark brought this event up at the last FAST Meet & Greet event on March15th. We would like to see if there are other interests on competing in this inaugural event. We are also looking for event judges as well (short training session will be done around 1:30 pm). I know of two other KCC/FAST guys who are into local backyard barbeque competitions. Several times I have been approached on others expressing opportunities to cook, compete and judge. Speak up now so that we can address/adjust to your interest.
Here's some regional barbeque competitions from KCBS and GLBBQA websites. All have entries fees and cash prizes. The larger the entry fee, the bigger the prize money. So if you are traveling about this great state, check into some of these great competitions:
* Apr 16th: Spring Fling & Rib Burn - Zeeland, MI
* May 20th: Pork in the Park - Wyandotte, MI
* Jun 18th: BBQ Battle - Lathrub Village, MI
(Several of us will be competing here)
* Jun 25th: AH Barbeque Cookoff - Auburn Hills, MI
(Note this is the same date as our Kids in Camo)
* Jul 30th: Blues, Brews & Barbeque - Birch Run, MI
* Aug 27th: RIbstock - Marne, MI
* Sep 3rd: Sam's Club National Tour - Ypsilanti, MI
(Good possibility that I will be entering a team here)
* Sep 10: Silver Lake Apple BBQ Festival - Mears, MI

That is great info Jon! Thank you! I think all your recommendations are perfect.

As I have discussed this with others, I believe tying this event into a Saturday evening service would be the best idea for all involved. 

Looking at my schedule and using the information you provided, how about July 16th? Jon and/or Chuck could you please check with the church and find out if this date would be acceptable to them?

I would like to hold this event at the Orion campus. What are everyone's thoughts on that?

In addition, let's all join together and come up with a great name for this event. Please put your creative "hats" on and let's come up with something great, that can stand the test of time. I think this has the potential to be a long lasting event for Kensington that we can all be proud of. My wife, Julie, has already made a suggestion of

"Kensington's Holy Smoke BBQ". 

I would like to hear from everyone, and I believe the fellowship and family tie in, and introduction of new people to Kensington should be our main goal.

As a team, we can do anything.

All sounds good, Anyway I can help or participate I will do so.

Great stuff guys! I think it's a great idea to try and have it correspond with a Orion Saturday night service. With that said, I think last year Orion did not have Saturday service for July and August. I'm not positive about that.

As for the event title, I will try and get in touch with my creative side =)
Mark - July 16th is not good for me. It's the day that the auction winner from the WGD wants to do their BBQ dinner in Oxford. But for now, the other Saturdays in July look good so far.

Ok Jon, than let's shoot for July 23rd. I think it would be best to stay as far away from the 4th of July weekend as possible. What are your thoughts? If anyone has any input here please chime in. We will be needing a strong team to put this together so we would be looking to recruit soon. Thanks for input in advance.

July 23rd will work for me (I got the okiee dokiee from my Permissioner)

Truthfully, I believe that it will be just KCC/FAST guys in this competition.  And I am fine with that structure.  

You will not get local bbq competition teams to enter our event if there is not serious $prize money$ involved in this event.  I can pass around an event flyer once we agree on the logistics and some of my competition/judging event to solicit teams/judges.  Serious teams do not like going to these events because it will cost them about $100 in meat & supplies to do a simple event like ours.  They usually look for a least $1500 prize pool for a 'backyard burn" event like ours and what sanctions/rules they will be using before they enter.  Right now the one scheduled Wyandotte only has 11 teams entered because it only has a $8000 prize pool at this moment in time ($200 entry fee and $200 of meats/sauce/supplies).  The one in Lathrup Village is offering $3000 in prize money and I believe they have over 25 teams entered ($50 entry fee and $100 of meats & supplies).

This weekend, I spoke with the manager at Shores Fireplace & BBQ (Rochester Rd just north of South Blvd in Roch Hills) about coming down to do a demo of Weber products during our event and she was receptive to it.  But she did not promise any prize or sponsorship donation at this time.

That's all great information Jon, Thank you!

I have a few ideas that may help increase our attendance but first we have to identify a couple of key factors in our event planning; Overall goal of the event, budget, participation by F.A.S.T. members, etc...  

What would be a normal entry fee for a "Backyard" event like ours? What would you expect the team's cost to be for a two meat event like this one? As the event team, what could we expect to have to spend money on?

Can you think of any way to make proceeds from the public who may visit the event, sell tickets to eat, etc.. to contribute to any prize purse? I was hoping to tie our music ministry into this by combining a BBQ Cookoff and Music Festival. No Charge to attend, but if you would like to eat you could purchase a wrist band. 

I believe we have a meeting this month on Tuesday, May 19th. Do you think setting a goal to begin advertising this event by May 1st would be acceptable for the July 23rd event date, (almost 80 days)?

What do we need to do to get the churches blessing and support on that date, at the Lake Orion facility?

Gentlemen, after conversations this weekend with the powers at be it seems like the pastors like to take the month of July as a sabbatical. After reviewing the options again above, Jon would you consider either August 6th or 13th? this would allow us to involve the pastor and the music ministry.

Either date in August is fine with me at this time.

Good Morning Gentlemen,

Based on conversations over the weekend with the powers at be I believe the Saturday of August 6th is now the focus date for this event. We are working hard to develop a schedule of events to of course include BBQ cook off and hopefully some live music. We will need lots of help with this event, so please come to the meeting on the 19th of this month if you can contribute.


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